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How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are warrantied to produce power for up to 25 years at 80% efficiency to when they were installed. There are panels still in use after 40 years that still produce power at substantial levels.

Panels are made of glass will they break?

All solar panels must meet rigorous testing to be called a Photovoltaic (PV) Panel. One such tests is hail! The panel must sustain a golf ball size hail at 160 kph direct hit. Most panels are installed at an angle so the blows will be non-direct

Do we have enough sun in Alberta?

Alberta is one of the sunniest places on the planet, believe it or not.  We get more sun than even Florida and because of our colder winters we produce more power than any of the sunny areas on the planet.

Does solar work without batteries?

Most systems that are installed in cities are called grid tie in system; this means we invert the DC energy created by the solar panels into AC power that feeds directly into you home electrical panel. With that in mind a power outage will stop the solar production unless we install a battery, all of our systems are designed for that option.

New advancements in micro-inverters technology ,allow us to also install solar and keep it running during the day without batteries.

Solar costs to much without payback.

Not just what you accomplish for the environment. 
If you decide to live in your home for 15+ years or just 5 years, solar will pay itself back to you either through the increase in property value or energy savings alone.

Is solar bad for the environment?

The manufactures of solar products are very conscious of the environment they are trying to protect. We only use products that have a net zero offset, and the panels we use offset the manufacturing within 2 -3 years

Does solar increase my house value?

Next to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, solar is one of the most beneficial renovations you can do.
Solar will increase the home value by 4.1% to 4.5%, potentially more when you use our Building Integrated PV. The system installed will pay for itself using net present value, if you are planning to move within 5 years of the installation.

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